A modern live monitoring solution that pairs advanced object detection algorithms with law enforcement veterans to detect & disrupt crime before it affects you.


Say hello to Ghost

Whether it's your home, business or worksite – what you get with Ghost is a best-in-class live monitoring security solution that delivers proactive protection when you need it.

AI unlocks the perfect mix of proactive & real-time protection

Advanced analytic algorithms detect unusual movement, including vehicles or people and are even smart enough to pick up loitering or repeated visits. Ghost's AI then immediately surfaces this information to our operators for review and action.

Your Ghost is highly vetted and highly trained.

Our operators are former law enforcement and proven military professionals with over a decade's worth of experience in crime prevention and response procedures. This allows Ghost to spot trouble before a traditional alarm even sounds and instinctively respond with the best course of action.

Proactive protection that's with you every step of the way

From audible threat deterrent to proactive alerts and communication – Ghost is built to create a proactive aura of protection around you that goes beyond traditional reactive alarm systems.
John, we're tracking a potential break in on your property and have already dispatched police.
What should I do?
For now, secure your family on the second floor while we handle this.

Every Ghost comes with..

Industry leading advanced object detection AI
This is the brain that powers Ghost. Machine learning algorithms call out specific activity that is then confirmed and acted on by our operators.
Daily emailed situation reports with screen captures
We keep our clients in the loop by sending daily detailed SITREPS that highlight any thwarted crimes or events of note.
A direct line to your Ghost operator 24/7
Your Ghost is always working – and each of our clients get a direct line to the operator who's in charge of their security.
Monitoring by former police / military personnel
We support our veterans, we don't outsource our monitoring overseas and our clients get the best expertise in the market.

Event Based LIVE Monitoring

Surgically pinpointed monitoring based on alarms & detected movement. Plan features include:

24/7 Event Based Monitoring
Threat Disruption
Real-time Communication
Download plan DETAILS

Dedicated Proactive LIVE Monitoring 

Dedicated monitoring which covers more ground & unlocks additional features. Plan features include:

24/7 Proactive Monitoring
Threat Disruption
Real-time Communication
Proactive Dispatch of Police / Fire / EMS
Indicator Monitoring
Pre-arrival Safety Verification
Pre-identified Threat Monitoring
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Ghost is unique in both make up and mindset

Security that actually works

Traditional systems have delayed monitoring of up to 15 minutes even when alarms are verified 
Are reactive systems and only report crimes after the fact
Come with a hefty price tag for little-to-no real protection
more expensive to have on site security that often comes with minimal training
of property crimes still happen despite having traditional systems

Ghost was founded by 4 Canadians with a penchant for protection

We're a multi-disciplinary team of military / law enforcement and tech startup veterans who wanted a better security solution for ourselves and our loved ones.

The unprecedented spike in crime during the COVID19 crisis showed us that if we want something done right, we'd have to do it ourselves – so we augmented the best technology with expertise that doesn't grow on trees.

Ghosts leave no trace and neither do we

We understand the value of privacy and data security. Every bit of data that comes through is handled with the utmost of care and expires after a period of time.

Furthermore, discretion is a key part of our offering and we go above and beyond to ensure we hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors.

Common Questions

Does Ghost have a set price?
There are many variables that go into determining cost, and delivering the best security solution comes down to a tailored approach. For this reason pricing is difficult to pin point however contact us and we'd be happy to send you a preliminary quote.
Can I use hardware / cameras that I already own?
We can use what hardware our customers have, or scale up capabilities with state of the art hardware through our preferred and vetted partners. Our software will work with almost any stream source such as IP, analog cameras, webcam and NVR.
How does Ghost protect my data and privacy?
Our operators are highly trained, thoroughly vetted and we go above and beyond mandated security and privacy practices. With respect to your data, our feeds use connect directly to Amazon AWS services which avoid bridges, hubs and other unnecessary capex-adding gateways.
Does Ghost offer a one stop shop for my security solution?
That's the goal. We have a network of trusted vendors and brands that we use ourselves for our loved ones' security and we're working towards building the best and more comprehensive security solution. Our preliminary security audit will highlight the possibilities and we'll do what we can to make sure you're covered.
How is Ghost different than other live video monitoring solutions?
Our algorithm scans every camera feed every second of every day – something that a human can't do. This catches potential risks early and our operators' training and expertise bring an aspect to the table that other live video monitoring guards and their companies simply can't.
Does Ghost offer alarm monitoring?
We have plans to roll out a comprehensive Ghost package for alarm monitoring, however we have been known to support alarm panels when requested. Since blanket compatibility is the major barrier to this, we'd advise you reach out and we'll get you an answer!
I don't see my question here!
Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any remaining questions you might have.

Let us show you how Ghost can keep you safe.

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